What is Strategic Memory Training 2020

Strategic Memory Training

Nowadays, memory training has become a very crucial part of life. As it is essential to memorize everything, your memory should work efficiently. If your memory is not doing good, there are chances that you would be a few steps back from the world. A term named as strategic memory training has been introduced to the people for better memory practices. Memory training courses or memory training programs have been offering for better brain training. Strategic memory training is of different types, such as:

  • Doing light exercises
  • Telling your friend
  • Repeating aloud after another person
  • Co-occurring novelty helps to get a better understanding
  • Sketching and drawing strategy
  • Loud reading of information

Light exercises

Practicing some light exercises are very beneficial for good and long memory. Many studies have shown that doing a 10-minute workout every day can help a better understanding. The brain works faster and efficiently because of light exercises. Light exercises are one of the best memory training techniques that help to increase brain activity. Studies have also shown that doing 15-minute intense workouts daily after learning new skills will help you give your best performance the next day.

Telling your friend

Telling your friend the whole piece of information you are trying to learn the best way to memorize it. It also reduces the chances of forgetting pieces of information. It is the best way to work efficiently.

Repeating aloud

Repeating aloud the information you are trying to memorize is good for better memory. But you were telling or repeating after another person is better than just reading aloud and helps you remember the information for more time. A study shows that repeating after another person or reading aloud is good for good memory of words.

Co-occurring novelty

Studies have revealed that relating information with positive links helps to improve brain training and also proves to be suitable for future experiences with that specific piece of information. Many other memory training techniques are ideal for brain training and better memory practices.

  • Good sleeping practice helps to memorize more new names.
  • Mindfulness meditation is suitable for long term memory.
  • Videos and images are also better for fast memorizing.

Best memory tricks and memory training techniques:

There are many memory tricks for brain training, making studying and memorizing much more fun and easy. So, enrolling in some useful strategic memory training programs boost learning skills. Some of these memory tricks are discussed below:

1. Long lists.

2. Memory palace technique.

3. Power of music.

4. They are learning chunking techniques.

5. Visualizing

Long lists:

Making long lists with background rhymes or rhythms are useful for memorizing shopping lists etc. even without background, long lists for shopping can be easily remembered by making a rhyme about these items in your mind.

Memory palace technique:

In memory training programs or memory training courses, some of these types of memory tricks have been using by people for better brain training. In this memory trick, you try to memorize things by building the palace in your memory. For example, a jug of milk is knocking on the door.

Power of music

Names and numbers vanish quickly from our memory. But the childhood rhymes and our favorite songs stick to our mind for so long. So, trying to memorize names and numbers in the form of songs is a good practice.

Chunking techniques

An average human brain can only memorize six to seven names or items in a short time. However, we can pass this limit by making groups of the things and then combining these in a whole single group. This memory trick is a very famous memory training program adopted by many memory training programs or memory training courses. 


When we went to another room to bring some items or do some work, we forget the task. This issue is prevalent nowadays. However, if we visualize the thing or job before leaving the room, there are little chances that we forget our mission. That is the reason visualizing has been proved the best memory training technique. Memory training courses also consider this technique very helpful for students and use it to get better results.


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