Tips to Make Upwork Professional Profile in 2021

Upwork Professional Profile

Upwork Professional Profile is basically used to showcase your strengths. Upwork has a detailed list of structured skills that will help you recognize your strengths easily and connect you to related projects. Here are some tips to make your Upwork Professional Profile:

Select a Formal Profile Picture

Before hiring them for a project, clients want to know they can trust a freelancer and your profile photo is an important part of the equation. To help attract customers and stand out from the crowd, when choosing your ideal profile image, keep good tips and tricks in mind to get a highlighted and fresh profile picture.


Your Expertise must be highlighted

It might seem easy to come up with a title, but it’s a potentially powerful instrument that freelancers sometimes forget. Why are they so important? And when a client discovers your search profile, the first thing they’ll see is your title. Until anyone reviews your profile, your description is not completely available, but because it’s at the top of your profile, it’s also a highly visible aspect of your marketing. Use it to introduce yourself to your services and pitch them.

highlighted skills on upwork

Make an Introductory Video

A personal link can be difficult to create through a written profile, but when it comes to finding new customers, that profile is an important factor. By offering a more engaging overview of your unique features and what it’ll be like to work with you, adding an introduction video to your profile can be a perfect way to quickly create a bond with potential customers. Before you start, do you need inspiration?

Make a list of your Certifications and Awards

It can help to prove your particular expertise or skills by listing the certifications you have received, particularly if they relate to particular systems or software. Consider incorporating certificates that show your proficiency in that language to help communicate with clients who may be searching for language skills that are not your native language, which helps improve your chances of having a connection.

Certifications and Awards om upwork

Make a section for the History of your Employment

It will help customers understand your past, both on and off Upwork, by adding specific information about your job experience. In your previous positions, you can begin by adding a brief overview of your responsibilities and achievements; pay special attention to projects that relate to the type of projects you are looking for now. As your freelance company expands, consider adding new entries to help reaffirm your reputation for a few of your most impressive projects. If you don’t have a conventional history of work, consider adding your freelance business as a one-line piece, summarizing your emphasis with a brief overview. To highlight successes and demonstrate your unique expertise, you may use bullet points.


Add your Qualifications and other past Experiences

Your expertise comes not just from your past experience at work! Your education and other interests will also help influence what you do and how you present yourself online, such as volunteer positions, mentorship programs, online courses, and other extracurricular activities. Consider including a thorough overview of each specific educational object by chronologically listing the name and program of the institution, starting with the most recent one. In the “Other Experiences” portion, you can also add informal education and activities. This may include research projects, tournaments, or other interests that may further demonstrate your importance.


Feature your Best Work at First

Using your portfolio to attract the attention of potential buyers and highlight the quality of your work plus the importance of your past experience. Choose pieces that reflect your niche and help to illustrate your specialization

best Upwork skills to work first

Upwork skills:

The freelancing skills are:

  1. U.S. taxation
  2. Hadoop
  3. Robotic process automation
  4. Explainer videos
  5. Computer-aided manufacturing
  6. Financial planning
  7. Urban design
  8. Software documentation
  9. Salesforce commerce cloud
  10. Geospatial
  11. Julia development
  12. Kubernetes
  13. Magento
  14. Employ training
  15. Shopify templates
  16. Certified public accountant
  17. Vue.js framework
  18. Leadership development
  19. Architectural rendering
  20. Podcasting


Top skill on Upwork is:

Top skill on Upwork or freelancing is a digital marketing and IT.

Must-have skills:

The five must-have skills on Upwork are:

Microsoft office, cloud tools such as google docs and dropbox office, online communication, organization, time management.

Top skill on Upwork

Overview to write Upwork Professional Profile

The Professional Upwork Profile could be a most important thing for your success on Upwork. For writing or making an Upwork Professional Profile, Start making your profile by choosing a category that is closest to your skills and set rate according to your experience level. You should check Upwork to get an idea of what billing is for freelancers in related industries. Then Follow some tips and tricks that will help enhance your profile and showing your expertise and experience in the best way.

You will see that people search for freelancers in Upwork Professional Profiles by the service they want (i.e., logo design, web design) rather than the appropriate resources (i.e., Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop). Take note of keywords that people include to help concentrate your own profile in their project descriptions. It’s an opportunity to get attention and set yourself apparat from others. Professional Upwork Profile is like an approach that can help many businesses to get their projects done more precisely and quickly. Making your Upwork Professional Profile Brief and straightforward doesn’t just give clients the information they need, but also helps Upwork to show you relevant projects.


Breakdown of this Upwork Professional Profile

  • Clear and direct keyword headlines. This is another headline for the Upwork professional profile that does a decent job of explaining what this upwork specializes in and what they sell.
  • Make it all about what they want.
  • Show that what you can do for them.
  • Appeal to action.


How to write Upwork Professional Profile Overview sample for a Web Developer:

The Job of a Web Developer is to play with the fundamentals of the web to develop the various applications for the World Wide Web. A freelance Web Developer have all the know how about creating applications using client serves and knowing the languages i.e. Python, Java, C++, C#. If the profile description is not sufficiently compelling, then you will not be chosen by the client. By sharing your knowledge of web development, you need to make your customer confidence and also need to make your customer believe that you are not the same as other web developers.Profile Overview sample upwork


  1. If you have a Bachelor of Computer Engineering or Software Engineering degree, mention it in your profile summary because it will increase your overview demand and the customer will not hesitate to recruit you or feel any doubt.
  2. If you do not have any such certificates, do not worry. Show them your sample of websites built for general people and their demands, ratings and popularity
  3. Include long-term experience in this area so that the client knows that you are not a new bee and that it will not cause any loss to serve you with the project.
  4. Most importantly, by staying truthful and not thinking of plagiarism, show your individuality in your work.
  5. Your level of work is not the same as others, and as all your clients have been satisfied with your work, it is very rewarding.
  6. Your sample Web developing work should be neat and clean, informative, short, appealing and splendid.
  7. Be Bold while typing your overview.

An example or Sample of Upwork Professional Profile or Certifications:

Sample of Upwork Professional Profile of a Web Developer:

Hello there! Before talking about qualifications and professional experiences, I would like to introduce myself. I am John David and I am from the United States. Taking web development as a profession not only fulfills my pocket but also my passion for it because it has been my dream since my early teenage. I believe that people should do things in which they are good at or in which their heart is satisfied.

Profile of a Web Developer on upwork

That’s why I chose freelance web development as my career because I believe I’m good at this and I am never afraid of doing hard work for my passion. I have finished my graduation from The University of (university name. If not, please pass) on Computer Science Engineering and I have taken many lessons on modern web designing from famous institutions and many lessons online as well. My educational background allowed me to prosper in this career and my training on this has made me a master of this field.

 I am very much an expert in using both Swift and Objective C. I also know the use of Java for iPhone, iPod, Android, and Tablet. I have developed various websites to optimize their search engines and to create easier and user-friendly user interfaces.

Recently, I have designed a website that helps its users to know about how they should utilize their free time and that website has become very popular among today’s Youth and mostly teenage students. The name of the website is (include site name, if not please pass). The mobile app of the website was also created by me which has a 4.4 rating on the google play store.

This is just one starting step of my success stories as a freelance web developer. I am sure that if you hire me, I will present you with many successful projects with minimal effort from your side.

I can give you a money-back guarantee and I can assure you won’t regret hiring me. Thank you!



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