How To Get Rising Talent Upwork In 2020

Rising Talent Upwork

Gaining credibility can sometimes make you feel like you’re in a tight spot when you are new to Upwork and trying to get rising talent Upwork.

You need customers to build your credibility and you need credibility to gain customers. Boring, I know.

But Upwork can throw you the lifeline to get rising talent Upwork by Upwork readiness test and Upwork test answers.

Using Upwork’s Rising Talent Badge as an expedited ticket to gain credibility with some experience will be a good choice. And it will be easier to get rising talent upwork than you might think.

In this article, I will show you how can you quickly boost your credibility on the platform and improve chances to get rising talent Upwork and of obtaining the “Rising Talent” badge.

Rising Talent Status (and why it matters)

The emerging talent program is managed by Upwork and recognizes new freelancers who show promise early.

If you are eligible, you will benefit from a number of advantages:

This is important because you are marked with a “growing talent badge” that customers will see on your profile and proposals:

The badge instantly gives you credibility because customers have no way of assessing your reputation when new to this platform.

This status is an amazing alternative until you get rising talent Upwork and obtain your professional success score, which can take several months.

Personally, I won the “Rising Talent” very quickly on Upwork; it only took me a few weeks and a project finished.

Let’s look at the major requirements of Upwork:

To get rising talent Upwork, you need to:

• Offer excellent results to your client.

• Complete your assigned projects on time and as promised.

• Maintain a 100% complete profile that accurately highlights your professional titles.

• Agencies need a 100% complete agency profile (including logo, services provided and overview), 100% of the complete agency owner profile and profiles agency members with an average of at least 60% completeness.

• Keep your availability status up to date.

• Regularly submit project proposals relevant to your skillset.

• Join the Upwork service team.

• Make sure you are active in the past 90 days (submission of proposals or delivery of work) or joined in the past 30 days.

• Agencies need 2 or more team members

If you hit the right notes, you too can acquire it quickly …

The key ingredient

Upwork says: “Even new freelancers who have not yet completed their projects on Upwork can be admitted to the Rising Talent program.”

Surprised? Yeah me too

And that’s why I believe that the strength of your profile is the key ingredient to quickly get rising talent Upwork.

You can follow these steps to make sure that you have been optimizing your own profile:

• Make sure you make your profile 100% complete

• Upload a professional-looking photo (not at your family barbecue)

• Take 2-3 relevant Upwork tests and Upwork test answers

• Don’t set yourself too low (read this)

• Be thorough with ALL sections (overview, experience, education, portfolio, etc.)

Apart from that, make sure your profile is targeted.

Concentrating your profile means that you should only offer one service. And I am convinced that it is crucial to quickly win your badge.

It is quite logical.

High-level freelancers generally do not offer mixed service.

A professional video editor would not offer logo creation at the same time. This would only dilute the impression of expertise.

How to further improve your chances

For improving the chances of being accepted into the program, start by finding a few new jobs

Check out my Mind Map, Upwork readiness test and Upwork test answers, if you’re really struggling with this method to add additional credibility.

When applying for a job, consider the statistics Upwork keeps on you:

Try to keep these ratios as high as possible, as low statistics will send low-quality signals to Upwork about you.

The logic behind this is simple …

• 50 proposals give 1 answer = low-quality signal

• 10 responses result in 0 contracts = poor quality signal

• 100 profile views result in 0 invitations = low-quality signal

To help keep these ratios high, don’t be happy with your proposals. Be picky and really focus on nailing the job vacancies that you are sure you can succeed and go through the Upwork readiness test and Upwork test answers.

And when you get a new job …

Give your client the lifetime experience. Bring them to life by communicating well and effectively, meeting or exceeding deadlines, and offering to make revisions if necessary.

It’s not difficult, and I promise you, doing these three things will put you ahead of most other freelancers on Upwork.

Once you have finished a job, you need to make sure that your client leaves a good assessment. They will end the contract and Upwork will ask them to leave comments.

So if you have given your client a world-class experience, you shouldn’t have any worries.

But, if you want to ensure that you can get a great review, you can send something like Upwork readiness test and Upwork test answers when you submit your work:

I recommend you to say something along the lines of …

“Hi [customer name],

I have joined [work finished]. I really enjoyed working with you, so let me know if you are not 100% satisfied with anything and I will work on it right away.

If you are satisfied with the project, could you end the contract and leave good comments? My success on this platform totally depends on my feedback, so I would really appreciate a good rating.

thank you,

[your name]”

They should be a real sour grape to leave a bad review after this post.

And on the above note

Upwork doesn’t have to feel like a bottom-up slog while building your credibility on it.

The Upwork Rising Talent Badge, Upwork readiness test and Upwork test answers is perfect for quickly gaining credibility when you’re new to the platform.

… just follow the advice we discussed to speed up your process.

And once you get the badge and Upwork readiness test, the customers will have a lot more confidence in you. You will get more work, which will lead to credibility.

So use it to your benefits, to optimize your profile.


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