Upwork Skill Test And Odesk Tests 2021

Upwork Skill Tests

Upwork skill tests are the test which makes your profile more marketable. It makes clients have a second thought about your profile. Skills tests improve your value and attract clients whose search is based on tests and scores. You can take the test on any of your related skills topics. If you want to take tests on different skills, you also attempt them.

It contains 45 multiple choice questions, which requires time less than 45 minutes. If you get scored below average, you can hide scores from your profile. If you get above average, you will shoe it on your profile. Better scoring creates a positive impact on clients. If you fail the test or gain below average, you can retake the test after 90 days.

Upwork Odesk Skill Test


Boost profile: Upwork skills tests boost as well as enhance the profile of the freelancer.

Attracts clients: These test scores attract the clients more than those profiles which don’t have any test information or scoring of tests on the profile

Make your Profile More Marketable: The skill tests make your profile more marketable.


Odesk Tests:

Odesk is a very innovative platform that provides its customers and employs facilities to connect with virtual freelancers.

Upwork Readiness Test

Upwork Readiness Test:

Upwork skill test shows your skill; however, the Upwork readiness test is to judge your knowledge about Upwork terms and conditions and its policies. It includes only ten questions, mostly how questions like how to deal with clients, how to provide clients a better, professional, and completely secured environment.


It includes ten questions, with 2 minutes time limit for each question.

What If You Fail the Test?

If you fail the test, either scoreless in it, you have a chance to retake the test anytime you want.


What if you fail the test

How to Pass the Upwork Test?

You need to be prepared for your test completely if you want to pass the test.


  1. The time limit for the test is 40 minutes so prepare yourself to complete the test in a given time.
  2. Take only those tests in which you are an expert; remember that you must take the English language test.
  3. If you don’t pass the test either get a below-average score, you can retake the test after 90 days; you can hide your scores until retaking the test.


Upwork Remove Feedback:

Upwork facilitates its users to remove client’s feedback for a good job success score.

Types of Feedback Removal:

Feedback removal has two types.

Feedback only remove from your job success score but remain visible on your profile.

Feedback can remove from the job success score and from your profile (this hides the public score and replace the comment with “This feedback has been removed“)

Upwork Remove Feedback

What Appears on the Client Profile?

  • When you remove certain feedback from your profile, it appears as “this feedback has been removed” on the client’s profile.
  • The feedback is provided to the clients you want to show them.
  • The response to the provided feedback will remain visible.

 Terms and Conditions:

  • if you want to remove feedback from your profile, you have to make a request.
  • Request can be made every 3 months; you can also make it when you complete at least 10 contracts after your previous request.
  • Your profile needs to be a top-rated, top-rated plus if you are an agency and want to remove feedback.
  • if an agency wants to remove feedback, the request must be submitted by the owner of the agency, business manager, or agency admin

10 skills for freelancing

Freelance Skills List:

Upwork is the largest market for freelancing. It has the required skills and experiences to work in it. The freelancing skills are:

  • S.Taxation
  • Hadoop
  • Robotic process automation
  • Explainer videos
  • Computer-aided manufacturing
  • Financial planning
  • Urban design
  • Software documentation
  • Salesforce commerce cloud
  • Geospatial
  • Julia development
  • Kubernetes
  • Magento
  • Employ training
  • Shopify templates
  • Certified public accountant
  • Js framework
  • Leadership development
  • Architectural rendering
  • Podcasting


Freelancer Exam:

Freelancer exams create a positive impact on the profile. It certifies the profile, the level which you get after certification represents your skills. Better scoring and certification in these exams increase the chance of getting new projects


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