Five Types of Foundation Repairs and Their Costs

Five Types of Foundation Repairs and Their Costs

Strong foundation of a house is crucial and necessary for its stability in the long run. Without it, houses can’t be considered secure and robust.

When foundations are not strong, it can result in destruction of the house. You might have to entirely destroy your home later and rebuild them if its foundations are weak. Your life will always be in danger even inside your own home if its foundations are not built properly or have gotten weak overtime.

In that case, foundation repair is necessary to regain the previous strength of the house. There are several ways to reestablish this support that are discussed in this article.

  1. Slab Foundation Repair

Harm will result when the slab foundation is put under heavy strain beyond what it can withstand. Installing pilings is part of the repair process in this instance. A better depth is created by stacking the cylinder-shaped pilings on top of one another and gently driving them to refuse one foot at a time, ensuring the pier will function as intended. Home foundation repair is used where damage has occurred.


  1. Steel Piers 

One of the most excellent methods for long-term foundation stabilization is the placement of steel piers. For this repair, steel poles are buried well beneath the foundation. Piers penetrate the earth’s bedrock or have enough compacted soil to support it.


  1. Helical Piers

Helical piers are another permanent foundation repair method made of galvanized steel. They are helically shaped and go deep into the earth through large machinery. They are excellent for the massive weight of a home without reaching the bedrock. They reach the heavy soil to compact enough to support the load.


  1. Concrete Piles

Concrete piles are essential pile foundations. They are mainly used for stable rock layers or hardcore. However, the soil beneath your home will determine the preference for that pile.


  1. Slab Jacking

Slab jacking is injected under your home’s foundation and rests on a concrete slab. They are best when the slab becomes unlevel and shows cracks from soil erosion. It involves drilling holes and injecting concrete slurry underneath the failing section. It can be both temporary and permanent. It depends upon the requirements of the house.


Cost of Foundation Repair

The cost of the foundation depends upon the severity of damage to the foundation. If the foundation is uneven like a foundation has tipped, bowed, or severely cracked, it requires substantial reinforcement to prevent further deterioration. If part of our foundation is washed out, it requires simple fixes with concrete, which might cost as little as $500 or as much as several thousand dollars.

Suppose you find no apparent cause for the problem. It may sit on soil that expands when damp and shrinks when dry. If you suspect that’s the problem, check with your local building authority to see if expensive soils exist in your area. Dealing with that soil is the most challenging scenario in all foundation destruction. Hence, before building the house a strong foundation is mandatory.

 In this case, the first is to reduce the moisture fluctuation from the soil and then install the concrete path around the house so the rainwater cannot soak in there. The costs range from $600 to several thousand dollars.


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