Life skills you haven’t taught in school

Life Skills:

A school is where we devote a considerable volume of our life during our lives’ growing phases. However, regardless of having taught an excessive knowledge transaction, we often move in adult or mature life improvised. That is because many of the severe and critical life skills were never taught and showed at school. So, if our parents don’t prepare well or plan to teach us these crucial skills, we may spend our whole lives without learning these life skills.

Some of these essential life skills are as follows:

  •   Conflict management
  •   Time management
  •   Self-defense
  •   Mental health
  •   Failure
  •   Professional etiquettes
  •   Survival skills

Conflict management

Conflicts make us feel bad. And we generally try to avoid conflicts. Disagreements can easily ruin our relationships and cause huge embarrassment. We try to avoid conflicts at any cost as these are not considered suitable for mental health and progress. We always try to win the competition, whether we are right or not. Because we have grown up with such a winning attitude and due to this mindset, we are not even ready to pay attention to the advice and suggestion to the other person’s point of view and don’t even put effort into solving something real-life conflicts. Conflicts are frequently swept under the carpet and then resurfaced on a more severe scale.

However, if we try to think deeply about the conflicts, these are not as bad as we think. Competitions often help to improve creativity in work. And these are just the different opinions of two other persons. And if we handle conflicts properly, these can cause unique evolutions and healthy growth.

Time management

Time management should be taught as life skills education in schools. Simultaneously, doing different chores like test preparations, exams, papers, and other expected things to be studied for time constraints by students. But while teaching students to perform these tasks, educators don’t educate students about time management, which is very important. Good time organization is not only crucial for performing school tasks but is almost needed in every field of life.

Growing older means we have less time to manage more things. So, it is necessary to learn time management for performing your tasks professionally and efficiently.


Self-defense is not only an important life skill. It is also essential for survival. Mostly teachers and educators don’t teach self-defense in schools and neglect this critical life-saving skill. Life is not safe and comfortable. It is hard sometimes. And for overcoming such hard times, everyone should be a learner of self-defense. Self-defense is not always about physical protection and survival. It is also about your healthy mental situation and protecting it. Bullying children in schools and especially in high schools is very common nowadays.

Only a small amount of children would be able to defend them and maintain a good mental situation. Researchers showed that children enrolled in the self-defense class and learned life skills education in schools are more confident and protect themselves efficiently than those who are not enrolled in such courses. This skill is instrumental in avoiding dangerous situations. Life is not always a bed of fragrant roses.


Dealing with failure should be considered normal sometimes. It doesn’t mean to be alright with the loss of a child because of carelessness or effortless work. It means that failures are not as bad as we think because we learn a lot from failures if we are seeking lessons. Trying hard and still failing is overwhelming, but students should know their worth and be able to deal with such situations without disturbing their mental health. Learning meaningful lessons from failures is the most important key to become successful and avoid disappointment next time.

This is considered an essential life skills education in schools because failures always have many crucial points about working as one of the life skills for kids and what is not.

Survival skills

Survival skills are also very critical and essential life skills for kids. One should be aware of all the possible hacks to live a healthy and prosperous life. But sadly, we lack life skills education in schools.

These life skills should be taught by conducting life skills activities and performing the teacher’s best role in life skill education.



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