Farhha Consulting Organizing conference on International day of Elimination of Violence Against Women

Many people ask when we hear the words, a human being, killing, and violence. However, we do not have to understand that there is a reason that this day has been named for human violence, as this information is essential for us to know because a lot of people are dying every day because of what we do every day on our own.

  • What is violence and its types?

We all know what violence is and its types, but are you aware of how many different types of violence exist in this world? I will try and explain some of the most popular and the most violent forms of violence.

  1. Child Maltreatment
  2. Online harassment
  3. Domestic violence
  4. Acid attack
  5. Sexual Abuse
  6. Sex Trafficking
  7. Teen Dating
  8. Human Trafficking
  • Effect of violence on our society?

    I must admit that this violence is not for everyone because I believe it is not for the general public, like many controversial things. However, what we get is very enlightening, and it made me think. What is very interesting about this violence is that it deals with our human nature and how society influences human behavior. Dr. Murphy says that we are born naturally, violent behavior is ingrained in us. How we react to that violence, and what makes us respond differently from other people is another story.

Women’s Rights Organizations Provide Resources

The prevalent Women sexual harassment at the workplace is systematically ignored and practiced by men. The abuse of power in the workplace has allowed men to abuse and intimidate working women into submission psychologically. The exploitation of their status as workers to fulfill their sexual desires has left thousands of women feeling physically and mentally worn out.

Sexual harassment in every workplace has been a practice used by men against women for centuries. Men have always controlled women’s professions and opportunities in their lives, often making sexual relationships the price of female material support. When working women enter the workplace, they are subjected to the same kinds of abusive relationships used to control them. When women are sexually harassed or abused at work, they do not have the resources to fight back.

Many working women have been sexually harassed and abused in the workplace due to the lack of resources available to victims. If you are not done sexually harassed or abused at work, you should contact an experienced attorney who is experienced in dealing with sexual harassment or domestic violence cases. If you do not feel comfortable talking to an attorney on your own, you can contact a professional attorney specializing in dealing with these cases.

Child Labor in Pakistan

Child labor in Pakistan is just the labor of children for wage work in Pakistan. This leads to severe physical, mental, emotional, moral, and social damage for the children and their parents. The International Labor Organization (ILO) estimates that in the year 2020, nearly 10 million children were being employed in the country, more than half of whom were below the age of twelve. This means that approximately one million children have been exploited by child labor in Pakistan.

The exploitation of children in Pakistan is very prevalent since the country is a significant exporter of textiles and garments. Child labor in Pakistan occurs most often in bonded workshops and factories located in the country’s remote areas.

Many NGOs in Pakistan have taken up the cause of fighting against child labor in various countries, including Pakistan. Most of the companies have adopted different strategies to combat child labor in other countries. They have established child-labor camps in Pakistan’s rural areas that provide food and medical aid to the child laborers. Many of these camps have also provided educational and other forms of social services to the children.

International Labor Organization

The International Labor Organization has also been involved in many activities to help protect the child laborers in Pakistan. For instance, the ILO has launched a campaign against child labor in the garment industry. Since the mid-1990s, the organization has been conducting investigations and issuing reports on the problems associated with child labor in different sectors of the garment industry, particularly the clothing industry. Recently, the organization also released a statement on child labor in the textile industry and textile production. They found that the percentage of child labor in this industry is very high and hurts child laborers’ welfare.

Human Trafficking Awareness

Human trafficking awareness month has been established to bring attention to social trafficking problems and bring a united world closer. People worldwide have started sharing their stories about human trafficking with each other and with the media, which are an incredible and uplifting development in the fight against human trafficking. Each year, thousands of people are trafficked to different parts of the world for purposes of slavery and sexual exploitation, and the number keeps rising day by day. If you are committed to ending this problem, please consider becoming a member of this organization, which is very helpful for human rights and international awareness.

Women Sexual Harassment

Women sexual harassment is any unwelcome sexual behavior of a sexual that: intimidates, threatens, belittles, humiliates you. It can be done in person, over the phone, by email, or on the internet.


The one-day conference on International Day of Elimination of Violence against women by Farhha Consulting will shed light on the current scenario in our society and will bring policymakers, stakeholders, and decision-makers at one platform to formulate plans for a safe environment and Violence free society.
This conference will prove to be a next-level step towards a safe and healthy environment for women and girls in society

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