Learn Organizational Buying Behavior in 2020

Learn Organizational Buying

Individual consumers are not the only Learn Organizational Buying in the market. Companies and other organizations also require services and goods to operate their businesses and to produce the offerings they provide to consumers and sometimes to one another. These organizations include producers, resellers, Government, and Non-profit groups. They buy a huge variety of products, including equipment, raw materials, finished goods, labor, and other services.

Organizational buying behavior varies depending upon different characteristics, factors, situations, and requirements. The consumer buying process is another essential point to decide the organizational buying behaviors. B2b markets have different patterns of decision-making dynamics that are important to understand 4q significant reads.

Characteristics of organizational buying behavior

The consumer market is a huge market for most of the consumers where organizational buyers are limited in number for most products. Usually, purchases occur in large quantities. Most of the corporate buyers are trained individuals for purchasing. In an organization, a lot of people and workers affect purchasing and organizational buying behavior. A lot of buying occurs as a result of direct dealing with manufacturers. Sales of buyers and production result in deriving the demands of goods.

Organizational buying situations

Several situations result in different organizational buying behaviors. Some of them are:

  • Straight rebuy
  • Modified rebuy
  • New task buy
  • Systems buy                     
Straight rebuy

This situation only involves the purchasing department, which gets information, to reorder the product, from the inventory control section.

Organizational Buying Behavior

Modified rebuy

In this situation, they only need a specific modification of the product. In addition to the purchasing departments, executives are also involved in this buying decision. Most companies are looking for additional suppliers.

New task buy

This situation deals with the purchase of a product for the first time. As the use of products increases, executives also get involved in this situation. Only products of high value and consumption get marked on the approved list.

Systems buy

In these situations, organizations want a full system from a single company. However, the manufacture of the whole system in an only organization is not possible. But sometimes the organization wants the company to collect all the parts and give them an entire system.


Organizational buying process

Organizational buying goes through a specific process like every other buying. The consumer buying process includes different factors affecting it and different norms of an organization, which plays a significant role in decision making. Without consuming more time, let’s get to the primary process of organizational buying behavior.

  • Problem recognition
  • General need description
  • Product specification
  • Value analysis
  • Supplier search
  • Proposal solicitation
  • Supplier selection
  • Order routine specification
  • Performance review

Problem recognition

Like all other processes, the consumer buying process also includes problem recognition as its first step. In this step, an individual from the company recognizes the requirement which can meet by using that product.

General need description

In this step, the company mentions the characteristics and amount of the needed product.

Product specification

In this step, the company specifies the technical properties of the desired product, according to the use of that product.

Value analysis

Value analysis is an approach to reduce the product’s cost by observing the different parts and use of the product.

Supplier search

In this step, the buyers try to find the best supplier of his products.

Proposal solicitation

This step is a continuation of the previous step. This step includes the proposals from suppliers.

Supplier selection

The buyer chooses his supplier after reviewing the proposals and finding the best one for his desired products. Sometimes buyers want more than one supplier.

Order routine specification

This step leads to the proper listing of desired specifications in the product. It also contains the other requirements and quantity of the product. After writing down all requirements, buyers send this to the chosen supplier.

Organizational Buying Behavior

Factors affecting organizational buying behavior

Different factors affect organizational buying behavior distinctly. Some of these crucial factors are:

  • Environmental factors
  • Organizational factors
  • Interpersonal factors
  • Personal factors


As we all know,  organizational buying behaviors are quite different from an average individual’s buying behaviors. Organizations possess their norms for decision making and choosing desired products along with suitable suppliers. The consumer buying process also plays a very vital role in attaining the desired outcomes. That’s why organizations go through proper research and procedures to fulfil their requirements without disturbing their price or cost policies. To achieve the best organizational buying behavior company must pay heed to characteristics of organizational buying behavior and buying situations and consumer buying processes.


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