Top 10 types of Advertising Marketing

Advertising Marketing

A sponsored communication that has a message trying to increase the sale of a product or trying to promote an idea or a service is known as advertising. 

In our daily life, we go through many different types of advertising marketing, such as:

  • Online advertising
  • SMS advertising
  • Television adds
  • Adds in theatres
  • Radio
  • PPC and ads

Let’s discuss some fundamental relationships between marketing and advertising strategies:

Relationship between advertising and marketing

Most people use these two terms, advertising, and marketing interchangeably. Both these concepts are essential, and there is a strong relationship between advertising and marketing strategies. Awareness is always required to determine the use of basic advertising marketing strategies to enhance the sale and consumers of products. 

The process of taking brand services or goods from an individual small business is known as marketing. Customers usually try to personally contact their host brand and business to avail of some information and vice versa. Host brands avail such opportunities to directly communicate with their buyers to enhance the ratio of their sales.

Marketing involves:

  •  Execution of strategy and its development in advertising marketing.
  •  Price, placement, product, and promotion of sales.
  •  Audience engagement with brands and their ongoing communications.

In the whole vast concept of marketing, advertising marketing is just a small component of it. Or in simpler words, it is an essential part of the relationship between advertising and marketing.

advertising strategy

Advertising Marketing

Marketing and Advertising Strategies

The relationship between advertising and marketing supports each-other when it comes to planning strategies. The first step in developing an advertising strategy is to determine the position of a product in marketing or the market’s standing point. After completing this necessary step there are five more steps to follow for the completion of marketing and advertising strategies.

  1.     Providing and setting the precise definition of business goals to the employees is essential to develop marketing and advertising strategies.
  2.     Identification of behavioral changes during the achievement of goals.
  3.     Selection of suitable behavioral strategies.
  4.     Development of creative ideas.
  5.     Select creative ideas based on your chosen behavioral strategies.

PPC and Ads:

A short form of pay per click is known as PPC. A famous type of internet marketing in which advertisers pay a specific amount for each time their ads got a click. This is an essential way of buying visits to your site, rather than earning visits for your site organically. The most popular type of PPC and ads is search engine advertising. There are also many other types of advertising strategies.

Google ads are another famous system of PPC and ads in the world. These ads operate on the PPC model, and users pay for every click on the ad.

Types of Advertising Strategies

There are many types of advertising strategies discussed below,

  1.     Before and after strategy
  2.     Advice strategy
  3.     Empathy strategy
  4.     Testimonial strategy
  5.     Demonstration strategy
  6.     Contrary to the positive type of strategy
  7.     Competitive strategy

Before and after Strategy:

This strategy usually explains the situation before and after using their particular product.

Advice Strategy

The advice strategy tries to explain the solution to the problem of using their product. It is one of the prevalent types of advertising strategies.

Empathy Strategy

In this type of strategy, the targeted audience’s emotions have been provoked to enhance the sales of products. For example, showing a bad skin girl and then solving her problem with their particular product.

Testimonial Strategy

This approach uses famous consumers to show off their products, which enhance the attention of their targeted audience.

Demonstration Strategy

This strategy involves the benefits of the product to increase the consumers of products.

Developing an Advertising Strategy

Developing an advertising strategy is another essential point to be focused on while planning a marketing and advertising strategy. Some of the critical aspects of developing an advertising strategy are:

  1.     The most essential step while developing an advertising strategy is the identification of the target audience.
  2.     Determination of advertisement role in the promotional mix.
  3.     Maintaining the budget size and other advertisement objectives.
  4.     Choosing a creative strategy.
  5.     Implementation of advertisement program.



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