Learn Product Service Management in 2020

Product Service Management

In this world, a vast amount of products have been made daily. And a large number of differences have been made in them. Some of them even change their characteristics and appearances. It also performs a preeminent role in digital marketing. And there begins the successful Product Service Management. Product service management is a simple process of making and changing the company’s information and details of products or services.

It also focuses on creating products according to market evaluations. Product service management involves quick responses according to market requirements. Mostly, these quick responses follow the approach of asking customer’s feedback and reviews on their product to make specific changes in their upcoming products timely.

Good product service managers should be very attentive to the market changes and customer feedback to create a good impact on their sales on customers. Product/service management also involves many other factors, such as updating their warranty conditions, prices, and specifications of the products, with or without digital marketing.

Digital Marketing Information Management

Product/service management is a broad term which is considered as an integral part of digital marketing. Marketing information management deals with changes and modifications made in products, considering the market requirements. Analyzing and developing strategies for future market values and data collection is considered marketing information management.

Role of product/service management in marketing

To reach the heights in the market, analyzing and collecting customers’ timely feedback is very important. Product management involves three essential skills:

  • Technology
  • Strategy
  • Marketing

Managing Products and Services

Product/service management is a whole big task. This task is not a piece of cake. It requires much effort, dedication, and attention. To bring desired outcomes, companies make many efforts and changes in their products. The simple but essential measures to manage the products in marketing or digital marketing include sales function, marketing functions, and different operations. Let’s discuss who distributes all these tasks in a company.


In small firms, usually, the owner or manager of a company performs all these chores and keep an eye on marketing information management. But in large companies, where a vast amount of products have been produced on a daily basis, and a large number of operations and transactions have been made, many people even the whole department manages these operations. Teams that involve developers and designers etc. are responsible for marketing information management. Responsible management teams are required to perform these tasks which in return bring a lot of success in market values.

Product Service Management

Benefits of Product Service Management

In the long run company’s fate has been depending on the product service management as evaluation, alternations, modifications, and improvement of products are based on the management. So there are a lot of benefits to managing products for a company. Some of them are:

  • Managing products and constant control produce more chances for a company to enhance their profits and sales.
  • Introducing new products increases the number of customers of a company.
  • Understanding the demands of customers and increasing the amount of goods can help to increase the number of sales.
  • Managing goods make business more flexible towards changing market conditions.

Phases of managing products and services

Management of products and services is not a simple task. It requires a lot of effort and dedication. It follows step by step process to complete its tasks. There are some phases of managing the products by the company which involves:

  • Developing new goods
  • Monitoring of products
  • Elimination of products

Product Service Management

 Developing New Goods

It describes the monitoring of goods and distinguishing the demand for products from the clients. It also infers to satisfy the client’s need through the new and better product. This task may take a long time or maybe 6 months. Offering clients a new and better version of the product takes time according to the efforts made by the company.

 Monitoring of products

Monitoring of goods involves control on client’s feedback, response to their reactions and controlling the current products. It also deals with adjusting the products according to the needs of the market and customers. At this stage, the company put its maximum effort to turn in the barriers for new players and to achieve maximum coverage in the market.

 Elimination of products

In order to avoid losses and a bad reputation, the company tries to eliminate its failed products from the market.


As discussed above, product management requires effort and it is very important to maintain everything in a product including its feedbacks, price management, and other important statistics to maintain a good portfolio. Many companies don’t provide timely responses to the customer’s feedback which causes the loss of customers and as a result company disturbs its market value. Hence, to maintain a good reputation and earn enough profit it is very important to manage products and follow the phases of managing goods in a better way.



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